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What are the steps to set up a Managed Google Play account?

Android administrators can use Managed Google Play to deploy enterprise apps, configure permissions and more. Learn how to get started with a Managed Google Play account.

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What is Managed Google Play and how should IT teams use it?

One of Android Enterprise's significant components is Managed Google Play. IT should understand how the platform can aid app management, as well as what its limitations are.


Could the iPhone 15's USB-C port drive device consolidation?

With the coming of the new iPhone with the USB-C port, organizations might look at this new compatibility feature as the impetus for some changes to their device policies.


Is Android fragmentation still a problem for IT teams?

Android fragmentation has been a significant challenge for enterprise IT managing the OS. Find out how to manage fragmentation in the Android operating system.

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Mobile Computing Basics

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    distributed antenna system (DAS)

    In a distributed antenna system (DAS), a single signal source is connected to a group of antennas instead of to a single antenna.

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    app wrapping (application wrapping)

    App wrapping (application wrapping) is applying a management layer to an existing mobile app. It is typically done by an organization using third-party tools. App wrapping is done to increase an app's security, manageability and analytics.

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    wearable technology

    Wearable technology is any kind of electronic device designed to be worn on the user's body.

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