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Geek gift guide 2023: Security first, at home and on the go

The COVID-19 public health emergency officially ended in 2023, but the threat of cyberattacks grew. Geeks had security on their minds, along with home comforts and travel gear.


IT pros wary as Microsoft Copilot juggernaut gains steam

Microsoft is now 'The Copilot company,' along with GitHub. But concerns linger about the accuracy of AI-generated results, code lineage and long-term job security.


KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2023 news coverage

Trying to keep up with the latest news out of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon? Use this comprehensive guide to stay updated and informed on both the European and North American events.


Logistics firm taps Netflix Conductor service to manage AI

SPI Logistics looks to a microservices orchestration service provider founded by the creators of Netflix Conductor as it prepares to weave AI into developer workflows.

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    Paravirtualization is an enhancement of virtualization technology in which a guest OS is modified prior to installation inside a virtual machine (VM).

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    platform engineering

    Platform engineering is a specialized discipline within software development that focuses on designing, building, maintaining and improving the toolchains and workflows software developers use.

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    WebAssembly vs. Kubernetes: Understand the relationship

    WebAssembly provides an avenue for the creation of highly portable web applications. Pairing Wasm with Kubernetes can make that process easier to orchestrate and manage.

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