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Use resource tagging to optimize cloud costs

When it comes to cost management in cloud computing, tags and additional metadata can help with reporting, allocation and optimization recommendations.

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Craft a data protection strategy for multi-cloud

Data protection is harder when you have multiple clouds in the mix. Manage this challenge by crafting a data protection strategy and following these best practices.


Compare AWS, Azure and Google Cloud IAM services

This comparison dives into the differences among cloud IAM services from AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Use it to evaluate features, resource hierarchy configuration and pricing.


Deploy ML on edge devices with SageMaker, IoT Greengrass

Amazon SageMaker, ONNX and AWS IoT Greengrass help deploy machine learning models to edge devices. Steps include component creation, recipe building and core device configuration.

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  • Cloud infrastructure design and management

    Oracle databases in OCI now run on Microsoft Azure

    A new partnership between two enterprise technology giants adds Oracle's hardware and software for Microsoft Azure customers, as former rivals unite to compete against AWS.

  • Cloud deployment and architecture

    Prices for cloud infrastructure soar 30%

    Tough macroeconomic conditions as well as high average selling prices for cloud computing and storage servers have forced enterprises to spend less on private cloud infrastructure.

  • Cloud infrastructure design and management

    Refining HPE GreenLake as it sets its sights on everything

    HPE's Bryan Thompson talks about how HPE GreenLake has become synonymous with the brand, and looks to its future and how the platform will meet customers' specific needs.

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