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SAP's Mirakl integration improves B2B e-commerce experience

Mirakl's platform lets B2B e-commerce companies create an online shopping experience that is more like B2C -- easier to configure, with a simpler interface for the end user.


Sales enablement vs. sales operations: What's the difference?

Sales enablement and sales operations strategies have a shared goal -- to make the sales team successful and bring in more customers -- yet have different methods of reaching it.


Why is diversity important in marketing?

Diversity marketing can help marketers improve personalization, connect with younger audiences and increase brand loyalty. However, inauthentic efforts can erode customer trust.


Microsoft Ignite highlights future of AI, customer success

Advancements in AI will affect businesses and customers alike. Learn about the future of AI from Microsoft Ignite's Analyst Day, and how it will affect CX and app development.

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Customer Experience Basics

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    customer profiling

    Customer profiling is the detailed and systematic process of constructing a clear portrait of a company's ideal customer by gathering and analyzing information about their demographic, psychographic and behavioral attributes.

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    customer insight (consumer insight)

    Customer insight, also known as consumer insight, is the understanding and interpretation of customer data, behaviors and feedback into conclusions that can be used to improve product development and customer support.

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    buyer personas

    A buyer persona is a composite representation of a specific type of customer in a market segment.

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