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Microsoft launches Fabric, adds Copilot for the new platform

The suite unites Power BI, Azure Synapse Analytics and Data Factory in an integrated environment to better enable data management and analysis, including developing AI models.


Snowflake previews slew of AI, governance, development tools

The data cloud vendor introduced more than a dozen features currently in various stages of development designed to help users build and govern data models and applications.


Tableau update highlighted by new embedded analytics tool

In addition to Embedding Playground, the longtime BI vendor's latest platform update features new metadata management capabilities and an integration with Google Docs.


GoodData launches new platform for AI, ML and BI workflows

The vendor's FlexHouse Analytics Lake provides a single environment for normally disparate data assets to simplify AI, analytics and machine learning development and analysis.

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Business Analytics/Business Intelligence Basics

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    advanced analytics

    Advanced analytics is a broad category of inquiry that can be used to help drive changes and improvements in business practices.

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    Generative AI won't replace data analysts

    Generative AI isn't going to replace data analysts. It can help analysts be more effective, but it lacks human insights and knowledge to properly do the job.

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    business intelligence dashboard

    A business intelligence dashboard, or BI dashboard, is a data visualization and analysis tool that displays on one screen the status of key performance indicators (KPIs) and other important business metrics and data points for an organization, ...

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