TechTarget’s independent editorial team has built a network of technology-specific websites that provide problem-solving and decision support content for IT professionals and line-of-business managers. The company’s editorial mission is to provide enterprise tech buyers with practical guidance and IT market news to guide readers through all phases of the technology lifecycle.

Our editorial contacts

TechTarget’s award-winning editorial team is comprised of more than 150 in-house editors and writers, as well as hundreds of contributors who provide readers with unbiased analysis, original reporting, and tips from industry experts on over 10,000 technology topics.

End-User Computing & Enterprise Software and Services


Alyssa Provazza: Editorial Director

Bridget Botelho: Editorial Director, News

Ben Cole: Executive Editor,

Nicole Laskowski: Senior News Director, Business applications

Shaun Sutner: News Director, Information management

Beat Reporters

Eric Avidon: Business intelligence, augmented analytics, data visualization

Esther Ajao: Artificial intelligence

Jim O’Donnell: SAP/ERP (manufacturing), sustainability and ESG

Makenzie Holland: Emerging tech, regulations

Pat Thibodeau: ERP, HCM, HR software

Cloud and DevOps


Bridget Botelho: Editorial Director, News

Kristin Knapp: Editorial Director

Nicole Laskowski: Senior News Director, Business applications

Beat Reporters

Adam Armstrong: Flash technology

Antone Gonsalves: Cloud computing

Beth Pariseau: DevOps

Ed Scannell: Microsoft Server/Windows, Hyper-V, VMware, IBM systems

Tim McCarthy: Cloud storage

Pat Thibodeau: High-performance computing

Networking and Security


Antone Gonsalves: News Director, Networking

Bridget Botelho: Editorial Director, News

Kate Gerwig: Editorial Director

Rob Wright: Senior News Director, Security

Beat Reporters

Alex Culafi: Cybersecurity, blockchain, AI in security

Arielle Waldman: Cybersecurity

Mary Reines: Networking, UC

CIO and IT Channel

Diann Daniel: Executive Editor

John Moore: Industry Editor

Linda Tucci: Editor at Large, Strategic Initiatives


Bryan Glick: Editor in Chief and VP of International Editorial,

Michael Eckert: Editorial Director,

Valéry Rieß-Marchive: Editor in Chief, LeMagIT

Lizzette Pérez Arbesú: Executive Editor, Mexico and LATAM

Aaron Tan: Executive Editor, APAC

Xtelligent Healthcare Media

Kyle S. Murphy, Ph.D.: Vice President of Editorial

Jacqueline LaPointe: Director of Editorial

Sara Heath: Managing Editor

Kelsey Waddill: Senior Editor and Multimedia Manager

Anuja Vaidya: Senior Editor and Special Events Lead

Alivia Kaylor: Senior Editor

Hayden Schmidt: Research Assistant

Hannah Nelson: Assistant Editor

Jill McKeon: Assistant Editor

Samantha McGrail: Assistant Editor

Victoria Bailey: News Writer

Sarai Rodriguez: News Writer

Mark Melchionna: News Writer

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